Customer Reviews

The professionalism and level of service from our account consultant to the technicians we work with are outstanding. Everyone listens to and meets or exceeds our expectations. While trying to unify all our campuses under a single phone system, we received the highest quality of products and services at an excellent and competitive price. We achieved a lower monthly cost in support of phone services.Brian | Two Rivers Church

Hiscall has always been there to support us when something goes wrong with our phone system. They are always quick to come on service calls, and their customer service is wonderful!Misty | Landmark of Bardstown

My recent project was to replace an old Avaya system with Hiscall Cloud phones. The users love the phones, and it’s been a great experience. I plan to upgrade other sites to cloud phones in the future. I have a lot of responsibilities and cannot devote time to phone systems at remote sites, so Hiscall has been a great find for our company and me. I highly recommend Hiscall.David | Eastern Alloys, Inc.

I have been using Hiscall now for over six years, and I find them to be very responsive to my needs. They have the trained personnel to correct any issues or to install new solutions for my business. Hiscall has provided a modern telecommunications system to our employees and customers that help keep the workflow moving smoothly and has options for expansion and added features.Aaron | Southern TN Regional Health System

Hiscall’s fast response to inquiries, reasonable pricing, and customer service follow-ups are main reasons I would recommend Hiscall. Their staff takes the time to understand our inquiries and is pleasant, upbeat, and patient.Anthony | Ashaun Call Center Solutions

Hiscall goes the extra mile to ensure the job is complete and exceeds expectations. We receive promptness, honesty, and kindness from all staff members.Tammy | Humphreys County Utility District

Hiscall is always ready to help no matter how simple or complicated the issue. Their support technicians are some of the best in the business.Kevin | Heritage Bank & Trust

Everyone at Hiscall has been wonderful to work with, from the first point of contact through the last. The techs are fantastic to work with.  Each one has been very friendly, personable and knowledgeable, and they have never been condescending when explaining a resolution.  Plus, 30 minutes of troubleshooting per incident is included with the maintenance contract, which is a great perk.DeAnna | A.O. Smith

We usually have issues with our VoIP configuration and user forgetting passwords. Hiscall is always happy to provide customer support and service. Hiscall has been on point and great at communicating with our IT staff throughout trouble-shooting processes.William | G & C Supply Co., Inc.

Hiscall’s customer service is phenomenal!  They are very quick to respond, and they genuinely care about making sure everything is working correctly. Their employees are very patient with questions from people who are not as technically savvy as they are. 😊 They made us feel very comfortable during the entire process. We highly recommend Hiscall, and we are very thankful that they were able to provide a seamless transition with our server and our phones.Veronica | Spencer Associates, LLC.

Timeliness! Hiscall has exceeded my expectations with their willingness to address emergency issues in a timely manner. Our account consultant answers the phone every time we call.Brian | The Lodge @ Montgomery Bell State Park

Since upgrading our system, our voice communications are greatly improved. Prior to going to VoIP, we had to call outside line to call a branch. Now we can call by extension. The price point was good and the product is easy to use and reliable. Hiscall’s customer service has been excellent!Tim | TNBANK

Customer service is a priority! Hiscall has an excellent reputation for service and product knowledge. Their team always treats the customer with respect.Anne | OB/GYN Associates of Oak Ridge

It’s reassuring to know that when we call Hiscall, we will have prompt, professional, and courteous service.Susan | Dickson Pediatric Dentistry

What makes me the happiest about Hiscall is that they are very responsive. When an issue comes up, they contact me quickly to see what we need and how to best resolve the issue. My sales representative stays in contact with me to make sure everything is taken care of to our liking.Nathan | Powell-Clinch Utility District

With Hiscall, I don’t have to go through several layers, being transferred to more than one department and put on hold forever to report a problem. Hiscall has an easy way of reporting an issue, either via telephone or email, that results in a prompt response.Karen | Horne Properties

Hiscall is a family-owned company that treats the customer like family. They will take care of you before, during, and after any work they provide. Everyone I have had contact with is professional and incredibly responsive to our questions and issues.Tony | Valley Packaging

It is the little things that have exceeded our expectations with Hiscall. The personal touches by the employees make me the happiest. Being a nonprofit business, I can see they care about the customer and know they are interested in helping in our community.Margaret | CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center

Everyone at Hiscall is willing to help with any problem. They go above and beyond! The rates are much more reasonable than their competitors. Keep up the great work.Christy | Christy's Towing

Hiscall is quickly responsive to requests for issues that arise. That means a lot when phones are integral to business as usual, and even more now that so many staff are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.Ada | Senior Citizens Home Assistance

The main reasons that I would recommend Hiscall are the customer service and the versatility of their services. We used to use regular keys to enter our facility and many issues were solved when we went with their Keyscan system. It allowed us to better manage the entry doors by utilizing the information logs and allowed our dispatchers to open locked doors remotely for officers from other agencies. The level of communications and timely service calls have exceeded our original expectations from Hiscall. Anytime we have an issue, they communicate well and are always on site for repairs or service within 24-48 hours. It is much easier to monitor key entry devices through their software when you have employees separating or when you hire new people.Phillip | Martin Police Department

During our office remodel, Hiscall provided cabling service that was punctual, professional and friendly.Joy | Allstate LaForce Agency

Hiscall has the ability to maintain and support the products they deliver. Plus, the folks I work with are super nice and down to earth. When we started a new project, the responsiveness exceeded our expectations. Their ability to support the product and have parts available quickly, if necessary, stands out from competitors.Jon | Centennial Bank

The quality of the people working at Hiscall makes the difference. They have a commitment to always put customers first. They listen and respond with a solution in a timely manner. I can always count on a truthful response, with pricing that meets our budget. Hiscall treats me and my company with respect and they give the same quality service to all their customers, whether large or small.Russ | Cumberland Heights

Before our relationship with Hiscall, we had no central management of our telecommunications platform. Hiscall provided a good product with caring customer service. Our relationship with our sales representative has helped to ensure a fulfilling relationship with Hiscall, Inc. Mike | Northwest TN Head Start

The service provided by Hiscall has been on an as needed basis and Hiscall has never let us down. Metrican relies on Hiscall for assisting us whenever there is anything technical related to phone systems that is outside our areas of expertise. Hiscall staff are always friendly, transparent and open to questions. Nathan | Metrican Stamping

The main reason I would recommend Hiscall is their customer service. Hiscall is always prompt, extremely nice and knowledgeable. I like that they are willing to work with us on getting something fixed, instead of just trying to sell me something new.Sandra | Concord Healthcare

Great company.  Reliable.  Honest.  Helpful.  Great people to work with. The service is exceptional. Everyone we have come in contact with since day one has been nice to deal with. This crew was professional, friendly, and had a good knowledge of the system.Angie | Varden's Body Shop & Repair

We have been Hiscall customers for many years. They have proven themselves to be an outstanding technology partner.Steve | Wegmann Automotive


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