Security Equipment

Determining how to secure your facility is an important decision. Creating the right mix of security features is important to ensure that your assets are protected, while not impeding day- to-day operations. Using CCTV and access control, we deliver smart, reliable security solutions for your business. Let Hiscall become your trusted partner!

Access Control:

Make your facility a secure environment by utilizing an access control system. Access control systems allow you to monitor and control entry points that include doors, elevator floors, parking gates or garage doors.

  • Enforce a facility or area lock down
  • Add motion detectors, glass-break sensors, door contacts, panic buttons
  • Run reports when you need to know who accessed what area and when
  • Manage and track visitors within your facilities
  • Control your system remotely


The popularity of using CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance cameras has increased tremendously over the past few years—and who can blame them with the recent events in the media. These devices are no longer limited to just stores and high-end communities. Installing a surveillance camera in your business can have several advantages and benefits:

  • Discourage Thieves and Vandals – Surveillance cameras are normally installed in an area easily visible. Often, simply the presence of these cameras will reduce the amount of attacks.
  • Monitor the Premises and Property – When the presence of cameras is not enough to deter crime, these can be used as evidence. Depending on the type of camera and its features, the footage can be used to identify the thief or vandal who committed the crime.
  • Monitor and Protect Employees – Besides property, CCTV cameras are also used to keep an eye on employees, to deter them from theft or vandalism. CCTV cameras keep your employees safe, providing added security and peace of mind.
  • Cameras Are Remotely Accessible – Surveillance cameras can be set up to allow users to keep an eye on the property and the people inside even when they are physically away the office.
  • Solution Against Terrorism – Surveillance cameras are becoming more widely used in public spaces as well.

Hiscall installs and services large and small scale CCTV systems. Utilizing analog and IP camera technologies, Hiscall tailors a system specific to the customer’s needs and budget.Businesses, government agencies and law enforcement use CCTV cameras to improve security, protect lives and property. Our system engineers and system technicians are well-versed in the industry, and maintain a high level of competency through continuing education and training.


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