Phone Systems

business phone systems

Telephony continues to be the lifeline of businesses today. Even when other means of communication are available, there are times and situations you just need to speak with someone who has the expertise to properly assist you. Your phone system and its features can be provided on your premises or hosted in the cloud. Hiscall also offers best-in- class solutions for your telephony premiums, such as:

Call Reporting & Call Accounting
Keep on top of what is going on in the call center right now. Track performance of your service level targets. Monitor phone calls to utilize for employee training and improving customer service.
Video and Audio Conferencing
Give your organization the power to connect and collaborate effectively. Video and audio conferencing has evolved to include all the modern ways enterprises meet – video, audio and web.
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
CTI is a communications solution that, with the assistance of computer software, allows functions of the phone system, such as phone numbers, to be used in conjunction with information stored in the computer system. CTI enables control of the phone through the PC.
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response software is a technology that allows computers to interact with humans through voice commands and key inputs. IVR systems give customers a self-service option to complete steps on their own. Customers can quickly self-solve issues like bill pay, account inquiries and more.
Contact Centers
Regardless of the size of your business, customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business and your company’s reputation. The best technology available will make your contact center work for you by optimizing resources, improving response times, routing calls effectively and accessing account data.
SIP Session Management
SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) is the present and the future. SIP trunking allows you to run everything over the Internet through SIP protocols. You will gain cloud benefits with your current VoIP phone system to maximize existing investments and increase operational efficiency. It will greatly affect your dial tone, network, equipment and the way you do business. Imagine all your employees using one virtual phone system no matter where they are located.
Speech to Text
Never listen to another voicemail again! By using speech-to- text features, you can convert your voice messages to text by delivering messages to email, SMS, IM and mobile apps enabling faster response to important calls.
Unified Messaging
Unified Messaging brings together voice, instant messaging, email, voicemail, and web/voice/video conferencing with the aim of making communication seamless. Choose the most appropriate communication method to ensure effective communication.
Specialty Handsets
Do you need a handset built with rugged capabilities due to a harsh work environment? Do you need a handset with the ability to be sterilized for use in medical environments? Hiscall can provide you with a cost-effective mobile communication solution that will meet your industry specific needs.
Keep callers informed and entertained with messages and music-on- hold. Target messaging and music for specific customers by delivering helpful information during hold time. Enhance the user experience while encouraging callers to stay on the line. There are many benefits to using a music-on- hold service.
Overhead Paging
Overhead paging can be a very effective tool to quickly distributing information. We are experts in paging systems and sound design. Let Hiscall help your business, regardless of size, incorporate a new paging or sound system.
Unified Communications
Streamline the user experience and easily communicate using voice, chat, video conferencing and screen sharing all from one solution. Unified Communications delivers a total solution. It eliminates multiple screens and enables users to increase productivity, streamline workflows and collaborate with ease.

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